“Let’s Be Clear” Campaign

Geology, environmental conditions, and human behavior also impact the quality of our lake water. While some things are beyond our control, there is much that we can do to keep our lake healthy.

In 2022 Lake Sunapee Protective Association launched Let’s Be Clear, a public awareness campaign to educate lakeside property owners about the causes of lake water quality decline in the watershed that can be mitigated just by changing our behavior.

The Little Lake Sunapee Protective Association is partnering with the Lake Sunapee Protective Association to educate all landowners and residents in the watershed area to work proactively to preserve the water quality of our lakes. Here are ten things you can do!


LakeSmart is an education, evaluation, and recognition program that is free, voluntary, and non-regulatory. It includes an evaluation process to determine how lake-friendly your property and activities are. The evaluation covers driveway and parking areas, structures and wastewater treatment systems, and yard and play areas. For properties along the water, the shoreline and shallow water areas of the lake are included.

Shoreland Plantings

The following link provides information about best practices relative to planting in the areas near any New Hampshire lake.

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