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2024 Annual Meeting July 20th @ 4:00pm at the New London Historical Society

2023 Annual Meeting: Celebrating the 53rd Anniversary of
The Little Lake Sunapee Protective Association

On July 7, 2023 The Little Lake Sunapee Protective Association held its 53rd anniversary celebration and annual meeting in the Phillips Barn at the New London Historical Society.

The business portion of the meeting included an informative presentation on “Being a Smarter Salter” by member Mike Thomas.  Thank you, Mike!

Then, our members enjoyed connecting during the lively social hour.  Volunteers from our membership and governing board provided a delicious array of homemade appetizers to share. A big Thank You to all who helped with this year’s meeting and to all who volunteer to help keep our Little Lake Sunapee a beautiful and safe place to recreate!

Being a Smarter Salter

Snowstorms prompt us to apply salt to outdoor surfaces.  During the winter months, by gradually reducing the amount of salt you apply, you will be lowering the adverse impact it has on the lake we all love.

Please think about decreasing the use of salt, and even consider deploying the alternative practices outlined below. 

The amount of salt distributed all around us is significant and collectively in amounts that place the current and future quality of our watershed in jeopardy. Our individual and collective efforts can help to turn the tide and ensure the vitality of our lake for the future.  

Thank you for considering and exploring alternatives to salting.  

During the winter, the lake may look to be completely frozen after a few weeks of freezing and thawing. BUT – ALWAYS be sure it is safe to support the weight that you and your party bring to the ice.

Harmful Algal Blooms

Article from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services on harmful algal blooms available at the following link,

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