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We invite you to become an active member of the Little Sunapee Protective Association. Our members include:

Celebrate 52 years with us!

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Together with your neighbors build for the future of the lake and watershed. Membership is $50 per year. Write to: Treasurer, Little Sunapee Protective Association, PO Box 1653, New London, NH 03257.

New this year: renew your membership with a secure online payment. Please consider additional support for our Invasive Watch and Lake Host programs. Join us as we work to preserve the fine water quality and recreational experience on Little Sunapee Lake. Our membership tiers are:

Annual Meetings and the Business of the Association

The latest annual meeting of the association was held July 16, 2022. Lake Host, Water Quality, Invasive Watch, and the 2021 Fiscal Year Treasurer reports were presented, followed by a gala Golden Anniversary Party, catered by Appleseed's Restaurant, with appetizers, drinks, and 50th anniversary cake donated by Blue Loon Bakery.

In 2021 the association met at the New London Historical Society after a one year hiatus in face-to-face meetings with business of the association, reports, discussion and questions from the floor. See our Events page for details.

The 2020 annual meeting was planned as an anniversary celebration, but due to state regulations, was conducted remotely.

Advancing our Mission of Lake Stewardship

The association receives a grant from the town of New London to support our Lake Host Program. Funds for our other services to residents and land owners and our mission of lake stewardship are drawn from membership dues and donations. The Little Sunapee Protective Association is a charitable organization with 501(c)3 status.

Summer Season Report

As in a number of our neighboring lakes, a sizeable loon population shares the lake with us. Loons are seen fishing on Little Sunapee during most of the Spring, Summer, and Fall days. The lake supports only one nesting pair, but visiting loons often congregate and their distinctive warble or wail can be heard, especially in the evening. The lake's loon nesting platform was donated to the Little Sunapee Protective Association by Kitty and John Wilson of Pleasant Lake and is maintained by the association.

Little Sunapee has had a number successful loon nesting seasons in the past ten years. In 2011, a pair of chicks were hatched and fledged, an uncommon success. In other years, such as 2016, a single chick was hatched. In 2018, two chicks were hatched and one survived to fledge. In 2021 one chick was hatched and was often seen with the parents on the northern side of the lake. The loons did not occupy the nest in 2022. The female was seen in company of a different (unbanded) male loon and the three loons were resident on the lake throughout the summer.

Little Sunapee Water Quality

Recent lake water quality reports show stability in the health of the lake. We report no current problems from invasives, thanks in no small part to the volunteer and paid lake hosts and residents who monitor the shoreline vigilantly against invasive species. The lake also enjoys the good fortune of a relatively high replacement rate.


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